First month as a freelance translator

I’ve been really fortunate in my first month of freelancing, I was prepared for not much work and consequently a few lows. Thanks to a few previous contacts but mainly due to my mentor I’ve actually been quite busy which has helped me feel positive about how things will go from here. I’m on target for my (pretty low) word-count target for 2011 which is reassuring.


  • getting responses from emails sent out both this month and months ago; nice to know that work I put in last year might still pay off
  • working with my mentor which allows me to do jobs I might otherwise be afraid of taking on, therefore extending my knowledge and confidence
  • an email from an agency after I’d responded to a job advert; I was told they were looking for someone more experienced for that job but would still be interested in working with me and gave me a call to talk things through; made my day!


  • being told my test translation was awful,that I was non-native and had used google.  This actually happened in December but made me nervous about submitting tests this month
  • misjudging my timing and ending up working all hours to get a project finished
  • a particularly quiet week when I spent a lot of time wondering how often and for how long it would be like that

I am learning more every day and getting a better understanding of how I can progress. Plus translators generally seem to be a very friendly and helpful bunch which is great when I’m sat at home on my own! Bring on March!


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