Adobe Reader ‘save as text’ and Memoq LiveDocs

Yesterday I discovered two fantastic tools for translators:

‘Save as Text’ option in Adobe Reader found under the ‘File’ menu. It may not be ideal, the formatting is a little odd but it is perfectly sufficient for a quick word count and quote. I’d probably import it into Memoq to translate anyway. Really pleased to find this as I thought you needed extra software to convert PDFs to text and I try to be cautious about downloading free software and tight in spending on costly rarely-needed software. I’m not sure if it works for all PDFs but for those it does, great!

LiveDocs in Memoq – apparently a big advantage over Trados which I’ve never used. I watched a Webinar on Memoq on Wednesday and I am so glad I did or I would have wasted time, produced a less acceptable translation and generally stressed myself out more yesterday. I was sent a Declaration of Conformity and a link to an English reference file. A quick search found the corresponding German and this tutorial guided me through using Memoq to automatically align them which it did pretty well. Automatic alignment took my word count down about 90% and after 5 minutes tidying up the alignment I was left with almost nothing. Incredible!

Hope you find these useful, I certainly did!


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