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Approaching freelancing like an office job

Although I love the freedom freelancing offers and appreciate not pursuing a regular office job, I still impose certain things on my freelancing as though I were working in an office.

I started freelance translation on January 26th this year.  I had been thinking about and preparing for a freelancing career for a while in various ways but realised I needed a start date to really get things moving, after all, most other jobs have a definite start date. So since Jan 26th I have worked roughly 8 hours a day at my freelancing career. Currently that includes a lot of reading articles, asking advice, networking and sending out emails to companies, as well as the expected translation.

Work starts at 8 or 9 for me and finishes around 5, depending on deadlines. During this time I remained signed into Skype which is one of my main communication channels with all my clients. Being signed in reminds me I’m “on duty” and signing out gives me a sense of leaving work.

I always take a lunch break away from my computer for at least half an hour and often go for a walk to get out of the house. This helps break up the day and gets my energy going again (I’m a morning person).

I’ve considered ‘commuting’ to work, ie taking a short walk before and after. Does anyone do this? I think it would help frame my day and give it a beginning and end, as well as being a change of scenery.

Do you follow any other aspects of office life in your freelancing?





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